Viva Vauxhall committee meeting Minutes 22 October 2012


Viva Vauxhall (VV) committee meeting 22 October 2012

Present: John, Colin, Marie, Jimmy, Andrea and Danny

Apologies: Jane, Margaret

It was agreed that Jimmy would chair the meeting.

John agreed to do the minutes.


Danny queried agenda order, but it was agreed to go ahead as stated.

Correction of previous minutes:

Minutes from June MC were approved.

Matters arising:

’Nothing to report’ was agreed. Danny stated that DATA (item 3.4) lacked clarity.

Secretary’s report:

Secretary was contacted by Tradescant Road Residents Assoc. (TARA) to discuss NEP (Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme) and want to include us. Jimmy said that he had attended one of their meetings and talked favourably about them. After a discussion it was agreed that these and other organisations should be contacted to broaden our agenda. Agreed.

Treasurer’s report:


1.1) Correction of minutes of July AGM/GM – for discussion and ratification at next GM.

1.1 From Brian Voss

…”he cited the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa where some had used SGMs to disrupt by loading a quorum to force a change to the constitution; he added that this was also used by the corporate world”

For information, these “disruptive elements” I referred to, included operatives working on behalf of the apartheid state security police, in opposition to the movement for democracy.

1.2 From Marie
Rather than reduction in crime that is accredited to me can you remove that line!! [embarrassing!!!] or write resulted in the increase of reporting crime and sharing information within the community

Both corrections were discussed and recommended for GM approval.

1.3) Danny asked for a break-down of those in attendance. The meeting didn’t feel that this was necessary.

1.4) Danny asked why some of his items had been listed under the GM rather than the AGM heading. Andrea explained that it is an established practice for VV meetings to reserve AGMs for elections to the committee and constitutional matters.

1.5) Danny suggested that there was a lack of balance in the minutes and that Jane had ‘massaged’ them. This was noted by the meeting, but this view was not shared by the meeting.

1.6) Danny contested that the secretary’s report incorrectly stated that the previous committee had resigned for ‘personal reasons’, and wanted the words ‘resigned’ instead. No agreement was reached on this.

1.7) Danny said that Logan was wrongly listed as ‘resigned from the committee’ when he had never joined.

Andrea said that an e-mail had been received from Logan afterwards saying that due to work commitments he could not help the committee.

Colin said that he had been co-opted onto the committee at the same meeting as Logan, and Logan had accepted the appointment.

Note: The meeting, aware of time constraints and the length of the agenda restricted each following item to four minutes each. Agreed 4 to 1.

1.8) Danny read from his comprehensive set of notes regarding corrections to the AGM minutes he would like to make. After some discussion Danny was asked to present actual corrections rather than comment, but was unable to do so.

A proposal was made that Danny should go away and rework his notes to clearly list his proposed corrections only. Agreed 4 to 1.

2)* Crime/anti-social behaviour and local safety issues

Discussed after point 7)


3.1) Andrea reported the Kylun Towers appeal had been upheld.

3.2) Market Towers had been given planning permission by Wandsworth and concern had been raised about the planning process e.g. no resident was allowed to speak at the planning meeting and the meeting was held three days ahead of schedule without due notification. In the days following the decision.150 plus local residents signed a petition to ask for the decision to be called in.

3.3) Andrea said that we can still have an effect on the consented buildings in regard to height, scale, traffic and wind turbulence etc. and that changes could still be made. This is the route that the Fentiman Road, Dorset Road and Richbourne Terrace Residents Association are to follow as outlined on the Vauxhall Society website.

4) Gyratory

4.1) Colin said that he was engaged with Lambeth Cycling, LCC and DATA specifically dealing with gyratory issues in the context of the NLE which will be expensive and suck all the S106 money away from other projects.

4.2) TFL and Lambeth Council are engaging with DATA and councillors say that ‘the gyratory will be sorted’. Boris said ‘it will be better than Amsterdam’. More information has been requested by DATA.

These issues will be discussed at the Vauxhall Society AGM 25 November.

5) ‘Viva Vauxhall – the future’.

5.1) John said that he felt that the VV atmosphere was bad and that the committee was made up of ordinary people who are being continually attacked in an unpleasant manner, as if they were politicians. John wanted VV to work together. John said that he had asked Danny a number of times to outline his democratic model after the committee had been repeatedly accused by him of being undemocratic, but to no avail.

As part of the ongoing discussion Colin asked Danny about what in his view was ‘best practice’, but Danny was unable to explain.

John explained that the agenda items 10), 11), and 12) made him question whether VV still had a future.

Jimmy as chair said that Danny was being needlessly confrontational.

John felt he was being bullied into resigning. Danny denied this and said this was ‘totally wrong’. Danny stated that he doesn’t want John and Andrea to resign, but this was questioned by the meeting as Danny’s agenda items suggested otherwise.

John said that he felt that the committee had been subjected to a long period of sustained attack as if on trial, and that he may go to the next GM to call for the abolition of the group. Jimmy suggested that we start at ‘year zero’ and begin again.

Colin agreed to disagree with Danny over what constitutes best practice.

6) July AGM and General Meeting Minutes – From Danny – for discussion

Danny said that in her write up of the minutes Jane should have used a more neutral term instead of ‘accused’.

Danny complained that minutes had been ‘massaged’ and were slanted. Members of the meeting asked him to clarify this view. After further discussion Danny identified one point of criticism which was that the minutes should not say ‘Firewatch’ but ‘local residents’. He was asked to go away and summarise his points.

7) AGM minutes – from Danny

‘Review, amend and approve. Agree best practice for writing, approving and publishing future minutes’.

It was agreed by 4 to 1 that Danny would go away and provide written points for the next meeting.

2)* Crime/anti-social behaviour and local safety issues

2.1) Marie reported that there had been much police activity in the area and arrestes had been made for class A drugs.

2.2) Glue sniffing was an ongoing problem.

2.3) Volunteers needed for snow-patrol.

8) From Danny – ‘Has the committee become a self-interest group bent on achieving its own narrow goals, rather than serving the community it purportedly represents? ‘Discuss’.

Colin expressed that he was unsure of Danny’s meaning, and members present outlined their activities. Marie said that she was dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour issues, Colin said that he was dealing with the gyratory, Andrea outlined her activities in regard to the NEP and other developments. Jimmy is concerned with the street environment. Colin expressed the view that there were no ‘narrow goals’ and rebutted Danny’s view.

Danny argued that at the last AGM/GM committee members outnumbered residents and dominated the meeting, putting forward their own agenda.

Marie said that people in the community were active and exchanging information, but not necessarily coming to meetings.

It was pointed out to Danny that the AGM/GM disagreed with his agenda items.

9) From Danny – ‘Performance review of the committee –

What is it doing currently, what is coming up, who is doing what… ?

This was discussed under the previous item.

It was decided to group together points 10), 11) and 12) for discussion, although Danny objected.

10) From Danny – ‘John resigning from the committee. Discuss.’

11) From Danny – ‘Andrea standing down from the post of Secretary’.

12) From Danny – ‘Jane standing down from the post of Chair


John said that he had not offered to resign, and Colin said that this should be John’s personal decision and not up to the committee to decide.

Danny said that it was committee business and wanted to discuss John’s attitude, as he was not a team player. Colin said that this was outrageous, Marie commented that this would be disciplinary issue in the work place. Colin said that there was no justification for this to be on the agenda. Colin said to Danny that he had not made a single positive contribution to committee work, although he does a lot of community work his conduct at meeting is lamentable.

As John, Andrea and Jane had not offered their resignations or had raised the subject at any point, Danny was asked why he had put these items on the agenda. The question was put to him if he was asking for their resignations. He answered no, and that he just wanted to question them on their performance.

John said that we are on trial and subject to an ongoing prosecution by one member.

The meeting decided 5 to 1 not to discuss resignations, as it was not committee business.

Throughout the discussion it emerged that the meeting felt that since the people concerned had not offered their own resignations no one understood why there were three agenda items suggesting that they had.

It was maintained that any decision to resign should be up to each individual committee member.


After two hours the meeting was closed and no further agenda items were discussed other then one point under A.O.B. that there would be carol singing in the Bonnington Garden, details tba.

End of meeting at 10 pm.

The following items were not discussed.

13) From Danny – ‘Openness and transparency / Good communication

General discussion. Andrea/Secretary using data protection as a reason to withhold information and correspondence from the committee.’

14) FIRE nightclub – from Danny

General discussion. The committee’s letter to FIRE.

15) The constitution – from Danny

‘What progress has the committee made in making the constitution fit for purpose? Propose and discuss amendments.’

16) The Kylun Towers decision – from Danny

‘Review the VV campaign. Should we now work with Lambeth Council and the developer to produce the best possible scheme?’

17) The 30-60 South Lambeth Road decision – from Danny

‘Review the VV campaign. Should we now work with Lambeth Council and the developer to produce the best possible scheme?’

18) DATA – from Danny

‘General discussion. The NLE meeting.’

19) Cleaner Streets Campaign – from Danny

‘Discuss. Nominate someone to work with Lambeth Council’

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