Vauxhall One addresses club related problems

Last July Viva Vauxhall sent an email to the Manager of Club Fire, Phillipe Chiarella, suggesting that club related problems in the area might be jointly approached with the help of Vauxhall One (an organisation set up by Vauxhall-based businesses seeking to improve conditions in the area as part of the Vauxhall Business Improvement District (BID)):

 “With all the clubs in Vauxhall presumably now being members of Vauxhall One (as part of the BID), I wonder if a possible way forward would be to address them through Vauxhall One, asking them to subscribe to a code of conduct /course of action similar to Club Fire’s.” 
Apparently this idea has now been taken up by Vauxhall One, and on 4 January Francis Forrest, Operations Manager for Vauxhall One has said in an email addressed to interested parties in Vauxhall:
“Dear all
Vauxhall One has appointed a full time Technician who may be starting work as soon as 8 January (we are awaiting references). Amongst his first duties will be an assessment of the sources of the litter problem at the weekends in the South Lambeth Place/Road/ Vauxhall Grove/Langley Lane area.  He will pick up weekend litter, after the Fire litter picking has ended as part of the assessment.”   
Hopefully this course of action will provide a blueprint for things to come. With all Vauxhall based businesses, including clubs, on board, it should be possible in the future to address club related problems through Vauxhall One, rather than having to engage with each individual club separately. 


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