Cycle tyre slashings in Bonnington Square

A number of cycle tyre slashings have been reported in Bonnington Square. If you have suffered the same, please get in touch.

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5 Responses to Cycle tyre slashings in Bonnington Square

  1. Emma says:

    After a gap of nearly a month I find my front tyre has been slashed again, sometime between Saturday night 8/9th Dec. and Monday morning, anyone else?

  2. G S says:

    Yes, we have had one tyre slashed and two additional ones with screws put into the sidewalls — all over the course of three months previous

  3. ecossemj says:

    Please ring 101 to report. This means the police can take action. By the police means they will have evidence to take action and be able to identify emerging patterns..
    If we don’t report officially then they cannot respond

  4. Jane says:

    As these slashings etc are less likely to happen if the streets are perceived as a safer space, I am taking walks at random times around the neighbourhood. This can be fun, and have already been able to chat to a number of visitors to the area. These are our streets, our homes, and it is up to us to discourage antisocial and criminal behaviour. Police cuts locally in Lambeth should also be a focus of of complaints to the council, to Boris and to Westminster, as this may also contribute to the increase in vandalism and crime.
    Not talking vigilante here, just informal positive action to protect our homes and make our neighbourhood sweet.


  5. I have had the same thing, first time on Christmas Day 2012, and twice since. I have spent a lot of money on new tyres as none of them were able to be repaired. I have notified the police recently and am seriously thinking of selling my car that does not really get used that much. Certainly not enough to justify 3 new tyres in 3 months. It is such a mindless crime, unless its a cunning ploy to sell more tyres?

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