Kuylan Island Site – Approval Given

The Secretary of State following the Planning Inspectors guidance has approved the planning application for the Vauxhall island site to build two towers, 14om and the other 115m.

Full decision here (PDF)

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One Response to Kuylan Island Site – Approval Given

  1. Rick Dyson says:

    Alarmed to read in today’s Evening Standard (23 August 2012) the comments from Jane Vuglar. She doesn’t speak for all residents of Vauxhall. And what she is quoted as saying is hyped and misleading. I’ve emailed Mira, the freelance reporter who wrote the piece for the Standard to say so. The park is far from the river, yet in the article Vuglar decries the: ‘… vast tower blocks that will blot out more of the river.’ The river is largely currently unenjoyed, because of the road layout – and new developments promise to change this situation, or at least improve it.
    The majority of VV’s opposition to high-rise developments in the past have been focused on car parking, with car-owning VV members complaining that they will have to compete for spaces if more people live and work here. What about those residents – many of us – who dislike cars, want fewer of them around, and choose to live centrally in places like Vauxhall explicitly to be free of them? When Jane Vuglar says in today’s Standard that ‘ordinary inhabitants would have loved little pollution-free open space,’ surely that is more likely to be achieved in a pedestrian-friendly redevelopment, rather than, as in the current layout, a terrifying multi-lane gyratory where pedestrians must run for their lives and cyclicts are frequently struck by vehicles? Vuglar tries to make Vauxhall sound like some heavenly, countrified idyll. Lots of us think of it as an unloved, filthy, five-lane rat-run.
    Please, VV, let’s not leave our neighbourhood stuck in a 1970s traffic hell by opposing every form of change. Please don’t make all of us sound like acolytes of Prince Charles, who wants every new development to be a two-story neo-Georgian pastiche. Please make sure when quoted to spell out to media that VV is a membership organisation for a select group of vocal locals – and NOT for all residents.
    For many years I was a member of Friends of Vauxhall Park, until it morphed into an organisation that seemed to be a mix of the AA and the Conservative Party. And VV seems similar.
    Viva change. Let’s have quality development and greater appreciation, by many more people, of our interesting and changing neighbourhood. Let’s have Vauxhall back on the map. Let’s have better pedestrian access to Vauxhall’s centre, fewer motorised vehicles, better bridges and walkways for people to move around on, and less space for cars. Let’s have a genuine attack on pollution – not just nimby attacks on high-rise buildings. This is the city centre. Not the Cotswolds. Not Hampstead Garden Suburb. Not Poundbury. If you can’t bear change, if you don’t like modern construction – leave the city. London wouldn;t be London if previous generations had just said No to everything.

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