VV Annual General Meeting 11th May 2011 – minutes

Viva Vauxhall

Annual General Meeting 11th May 2011


Record of the AGM held at 7.30pm on 11th May 2011 in St Anne’s Settlement Hall, Vauxhall Grove.

Chair: Maureen Johnston (Chair, KOV Forum)

Committee members present: Brad Hale, Jimmy Fraser, Kate Pode, Marie Johnson, Robert Harwood, Val Speechley.

Apologies for absence: Andrea Hofling, April Hilling, Margaret Norris.

In attendance: Frances Forrest (KOV Forum Support Worker) for Item 6.

There was a low turnout of residents.



  1. To receive a report from the Committee on the previous year’s activities.

Val, as Acting Secretary, presented a list of the Association’s involvement in community activities.


Key Activities 2010-2011

a. Planning – decisions

  • Octave Tower (Bondway) – refused on appeal and by the Secretary of State. The community worked together to campaign against this development. April fronted this, organising petitions and working with other local community associations. Jane Vuglar asked that Andrea’s contribution be noted.
  • Catesby (former Christie’s site) – granted on appeal. Work due to start late May/early June.
  • 60A Harleyford Road – granted.
  • Travelodge (South Lambeth Place/Bondway) – granted. Completion date September 2012.
  • FIRE – expansion into extra arches granted on appeal. The FIREWATCH group will continue.

b. Planning – pending

  • Kylun Towers (Vauxhall Island site) – A General Meeting was held on 24th January to gauge community feeling about this development. The majority of members present voted to oppose it and it was agreed that Andrea would lead this campaign. No date has been set for the planning committee hearing.
  • Vauxhall Square and linear park/walkway – application to be submitted end 2011. There is some question about the walkway as Lambeth Council and TfL both prefer improved access at ground level.
  • Sainsbury’s store site – plans are ongoing.
  • The Garden at New Covent Garden – plans are ongoing.
  • Nine Elms Parkside (Royal Mail site) – First exhibition has been held.

A lot of these developments are in Wandsworth not Lambeth.


  • Community consultation has started and the next community forum meeting is on 17th May, 6.30pm at The Lost Theatre, 208 Wandsworth Road.

d. Local community items

  • Cycle parking – the sites for, and type of, secure facility have been agreed, but have yet to be implemented.
  • Parking review – this has been delayed due to illness and cuts in budgets.
  • Roads and pavements – this is likely to be patching of particularly hazardous places only, due to the council backlog and budget cuts.
  • Freshview initiative (September 2010) – there was a good turnout, about 40 people helped to clear weeds and repaint street furniture. Thanks were recorded to Lambeth Council who provided materials and expertise on the day. Unfortunately, overnight vandalism – throwing red paint around Square – took the edge off what had been a very positive day. Lambeth Council responded with a prompt clean up. This incident led to the revival of a suggestion that had been raised previously by residents of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.
  • Neighbourhood Watch Scheme – this stand-alone community scheme was successfully set up with the help of the local Metropolitan Police Liaison Officer. A new co-ordinator is needed and Marie who attends Safer Neighbourhood Team meetings agreed to fill this role.
  • Trees – the pruning of existing trees and planting of new ones has taken place, supervised by Jimmy.


  1. Secretary’s Report


Val, as Acting Secretary, gave the Secretary’s report.

  • Website/blog – this remains the main means of keeping in touch with members and updating them of what is happening in the area. Thanks were recorded to Andrea for taking this over earlier in the year.
  • Constitution – After concerns were raised by residents about the existing constitution, it was agreed by the Committee that this should be reviewed and revised. Thanks were recorded to the working group (Andrea, April and Val), the Committee and to Frances from KOV, for her expert input. The revised document was distributed to each household 14 days before the AGM and posted on the website.
  • Committee vacancies and Officer’s vacancies – the following long-serving members are standing down – April, Brad, Kate, Robert and Val. This means that there are several vacancies. The office of Secretary is also vacant.
  1. Treasurer’s Report

Margaret, the current Treasurer, sent her apologies for the meeting and, therefore, Val gave a report on the financial situation.


  • Statement of accounts – at the start of the financial year (April 2010) there was £229.87 in the account. Incoming was £250 from Vine Housing Co-operative. Thanks were recorded to Vine for their donation. Total outgoings for the year were £248.05 leaving a closing balance of £231.82 in March 2011, excluding the cost of refreshments for the AGM.
  1. To elect/re-elect Officers

Val said it was not possible to do this until new committee members were elected. The meeting moved on to point 5 of the agenda.

  1. To elect/re-elect members of the Committee

Andrea, Jimmy, Marie and Margaret were re-elected as members of the Committee.

Jane Vuglar and John Mullineaux were nominated, seconded and elected to the committee.

Following this Jane Vuglar was nominated, seconded and elected as Chair.

Andrea was nominated, seconded and elected as Secretary in her absence, subject to confirmation on her return.

Margaret was re-elected as Treasurer.

Jane said her aim would be more community involvement with less power given to Committee members and to organise a meeting schedule throughout the year.

  1. To adopt the revised Constitution

Val had previously outlined the reasons for the review and the process that had been followed. The new Committee and some of the members present decided to reject the revised Constitution and retain the existing one with some individual amendments to be discussed at a future date.

  1. Any other business

There was no other business.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.


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