Viva Vauxhall (VV) committee meeting 11 June 2012 – minutes

Viva Vauxhall (VV) committee meeting 11 June 2012


Present: Brian Vos, Colin McCall, Margaret Norris, Jane Vuglar, John Mullineaux, Andrea Hofling

Apologies: James Fraser, Marie Johnson

Correction of previous minutes: Colin was mistakenly listed as present.

Matters arising: Chair and minute taker – tbc

Secretary’s report:

Treasurer’s report:  cheque from Vine (£195) to be paid in, plus cash raised by raffling off wine bottles.

1) AGM/GM                    

1.1) Date for AGM/GM in earlyJuly, will distrinute notifications, once we have confirmed date.

1.2) AGM/GM agenda

1.2.1)Agenda will be published on the VV website ahead of the AGM/GM. Residents will be able to contribute to GM agenda, Any suggestions to be be discussed at committee meeting before AGM/GM.

1.2.2) GM Agenda points

1.2.3) Correction to previous minutes: GM of 1/11/11

Under 6.1; Proposed student tower/Leisure Centre opposite Vauxhall Park; the vote following the discussion was recorded under the wrong item (6.2).

The vote after the discussion of item 6.1 was as follows:

For the development : 0

Against:   14

Abstentions: 2

1.2.4) Meeting management; Limit speaking time to 2 minutes at a a time.

1.2.5) Proposal to create an automated response to e-mails individual received via a g-mail acount. Vote.

1.2.5) Insufficient lighting in Langley Lane

Ask for ideas from the meeting/community. Contact Ishbel Brown who has offered her support in the past.

1.2.6) Club Fire

-Report in KOV Newsletter about Fire: Philippe Chiarella is Fire’s Social Responsibility Officer. Jane Edbrook to follow up?

1.3) AGM agenda point: Constitution – proposal to strike paragraph about ‘expelling a member’. Vote.

2) Crime/anti-social behaviour and local safety issues

2.1) -Gang presence seems reuced, noticeable police presence.

-Lighting issues, Pedestrian underpass to Vauxhall Station: Jane to write to Network Rail and Cllrs.

2.2) Lighting

Vine HC is looking into improving lighting outside some of its properties.

3) VNEB  

3.1) Kylun inquiry

Decision expected in August. Among the issues were: lack of public amenity and open space, how well the scheme integrates into the surrounding area, absence of active high street frontage, and the size of the S106 contribution.

3.2) Gyratory

We need to consolidate all aspects of the gyratory.

-Put Val Shawcross’s petitipon on website

-Invite peoples’ opinion (Colin to write an introduction for website item).

-John to e-mail Pedestrian Association on their take on the matter.

3.3) Wind issues to be followed up (Leeds case referred to CPS).

3.4) DATA

-Query TFL re a meeting date to discuss gyratory

-E-mail Charlie Holland (Lambeth LCC) re ‘Vauxhall to go Dutch’ internet artticle.

3.5) Keybridge House up for sale, no details yet.

3.6) Hammersmith and Fulham Council policy has been challenged by residents.







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