Lambeth’s ‘Vision for Vauxhall’ – feedback needed!

The official deadline may have passed, but you can still tell them what you think!

On 14 & 15 March Lambeth held an exhibition about their new Supplementary Planning Document for Vauxhall (SPD) under the motto ‘A Vision for Vauxhall’.

As you may have heard, the Vauxhall SPD has been slow to keep pace with mayoral/GLA plans to turn Vauxhall into a glitzy skyscraper city predominantly made up of luxury residential units; a developer’s Eldorado. To help bring things up to speed local residents were asked to give their feed-back to Lambeth about what they would like to happen in Vauxhall in planning terms.

Recently I tried to do this, and worked my way through pages and pages of new ‘legible’ maps of Vauxhall’s future look, which can be found here:

I clicked my way through to the end, but halas, the deadline for comments (via a questionaire) was 30 March! This seemed a bit ungenerous, especially since the consultation process doesn’t finish until September.

I would have liked to have registred my concerns for example about the suggestion that the new developments would create enclosed squares to shelter pedestrians from the hostile gyratory. Is this the plan – basically shutting the gyratory out by building high walled developments? Oh, and raising fresh hopes of possibly returning it to two way traffic at some point in the future, as if this was somehow the ‘holy grail’ of traffic calming.

The other intresting thing was a summing up of the results of a previous consultation in 2008, which had asked residents where in Vauxhall they wanted tall buildings to be built. I remember there wasn’t a ‘No’ option, and the options that were provided were limited (e.g. excluding Nine Elms) so unsurprisingly most people opted for Vauxhall Cross as the most suitable location (although it was added that ‘there were some concerns’). Also two thirds of respondants apparently wanted population density to be kept to the minimum option given for the area. Th exact opposite of what the VNEB OAPF is now prescribing:the maximum option of 40.000 new residents (& 25.000 jobs, which seems to be about the same as current local jobs that are being destroyed).

If you want to let Lambeth Planning know your thoughts on the matter, never mind the deadline – just write to your local councillors or your MP.

You might like to tell them that
– the gyratory should be made fit for residents, pedestrians and cyclists before any tall developments are given planning permission.
-that that you are concerned about the sheer scale of the planned tall tower developments in terms of population density and height,
-that you are dissappointed that the affordable housing provision is expected to be as little as 15%, and not 40% as advertised previously
– that you are concerned about the disappearance of local blue collar jobs.
-that you don’t agree with the lion’s share of Vauxhall’s planning gain to be spent on the Northern Line Extension for the main benefit of the Battersea Powers Station development.

Cllr Jack Hopkins (Labour)
Cllr Jane Edbrooke (Labour)
Cllr Ishbel Brown LibDem
MP for Vauxhall

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