The Kylun inquiry is coming – still time to sign the petition!

Sign the petition now, or read this article first – sign the petition

 Vauxhall Grove and Langley Lane would be overshadowed by the Kylun Towers to a greater degree even than the defeated Octave/Bondway Tower, because it is facing our area more directly.

The loss of sunshine will be felt even more sorely as the shadows  from the two towers will be at their worst during late afternoon/early evening hours, when people have come home from work and school.

As we have seen in the case of the Bridgewater Place building in Leeds (which is 110 m tall – the taller Kylun tower will be 140 m!), despite prior wind assessment studies, the architectural winds created by tall structures are not necessarily reliable, and in any case only seem to cover the immediate vicinity of the building itself and not the effects on the wider area.

Other reasons for objecting are the fact that a hyper-dense very tall develoment is set to be shoehorned into a tiny piece of land (the last open green space on Vauxhall Cross). This ‘Triangle site’ is surrounded by fast moving six lane traffic on two sides and the busy bus station on the other and must therefore be deemed unsuitable for family accommodation.

In addition the public open space it offers is insufficient, increasing the pressure on Vauxhall Park without sufficient mitigation through S106 moneys (planning gain).

The development will also put pressure on other already over-burdened infrastructure and scarce local resources, while offering menial hotel jobs to the local population and some bland corporate retail outlets and cafes to the local population.


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