VV committee meeting 12 December Minutes

Present: Jane Vuglar, Brian Vos, Marie Johnson, John Mullineaux, Andrea Hofling, James Fraser

Apologies: Colin McCall,

Corrections to previous minutes:

Matters arising: 

Secretary’s report: Letter from developers of 30-60 South Lambeth Road informing us that their planning application has been submitted.

Treasurer’s report:

1) General Meeting                 

1.1) A local resident’s request to urgently hold a GM to deal with local crime.

The meeting found it impractical to hold a GM before Christmas, as a GM has to be advertised by flyers to each household two week in advance of the meeting.

It was agreed that holding a further Thursday night ‘Vigil’ or community walkabout (advertised via posters and e-mail notifications) would be a much more appropriate way to address the insecurities of residents re local crime.

A VV GM will be held in February, and local crime issues will be on the agenda.

3) Crime/anti-social behaviour and local safety issues

-The VV website is up and running (www.vivavauxhall.com) and has been advertised and up-dated re crime issues,

– A list of dos and don’ts re crime has been put together by Marie and   Brian to be published on the VV website.

– Marie has made links with the Club Fire Social Responsibility Officer through Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) – still waiting for a response from Fire re the re-opening of Club Fire 15 December.

-Neighbourhood Watch (NW) is raising its profile in our area; the NW website has further information which is to be published on the VV website.

-Neighbourhood anti-crime walkabout Thursday 15 December 7.30pm – 9pm. Karen Hunn, Hannah Wadey and Cllr Brown to be invited.

4) Communication with other local groups

The neighbourhood anti-crime walkabout followed on from an initiative by Bonnington Square Garden Association.

5) VNEB  

5.1) 30-60 South Lambeth Road.

VV will give details on the website on how to submit individual comments to Lambeth Planning. Among the concerns are effects on Vauxhall Park, architectual changes to the design (use of red brick for the facade) and the area being over-dominated by students.

5.2) Northern Line Extension (NLE)

Andrea attended a meeting with representatives from various local community groups with a view to set up a meeting with TFL to clarify funding issues re the (NLE) and explore possible less costly alternatives to the NLE. Andrea and Colin to join this group on behalf of VV.

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