Message from Jack and Jane

Here’s a message from our Oval Labour Ward Councillors, regarding the draft Vauxhall Supplementary Document (SPD). They promise to engage with local residents re the VNEB developments incl. the NLE, the gyratory and the incredible shrinking Linear Park (from originally 13.5 ha to a mere 3.5 ha approx). To this end two open days will be held on 14 and 15 March (3pm to 8pm). Dear All,

Many of you will be concerned about what exactl

– development money to be spent in Vauxhall Park

– commitments about the level of noise protection if the Northern Line extension goes ahead

– A community endowment fund to give grants to local groups

The consultation on the Northern Line Extension was very poorly handled by Treasury Holdings and we are here to make sure that the Council doesn’t do the same thing.

As a starter there will be two open days for people to go along and have their say but the Council are also putting together a programme of leaflets, email response, exhibitions and also outreach to your community groups or on your estates.

If you could let us know when your group has a meeting over the next month or whether you want a meeting in your area to be arranged then we can plug that in.

This is our opportunity to make sure the developments at Vauxhall are positive for existing communities as well as future communities so please get involved./

Best wishes and more information to follow

Jane and Jack

Vauxhall SPD open days

Two open days will be held on 14 and 15 March (3pm to 8pm) to kick-start a new phase of consultation on the Vauxhall Supplementary Planning Document (originally consulted on in 2008). The ‘expo’ format, which proved successful for the VNEB event in November, will be used and the venue will be Unit 10A St George Wharf.

We are working with members of the KOV Forum and Stockwell Partnership to promote the open days, ensure content reflects local concerns and to provide a meet and greet service on the days.

Open day content

The open days will include information on:

   •     Suggested draft principles to guide development coming forward

   •        Plans for a new linear part (in Wandsworth)

   •        Information on how new infrastructure, such as schools and community facilities, could be paid for

The material on show will also be available online. We’ll be asking for feedback, which will help us to bring up to date the draft Supplementary Planning Document.

 Promotion and engagement

   •     Approx 400 A4 and A3 posters provided by LBL to be displayed locally in community facilities and shops (by KOV and SP)

          •        Approx 1000 A5 flyers provided by LBL to be distributed to community facilities and shops (by KOV and SP)

          •        Approx 25,000 A5 flyers provided by LBL hand delivered to agreed catchment area in Stockwell and Bishop’s wards and all of Oval and Prince’s wards

          •        Outreach work to Portuguese, Eritrean/Ethiopian/Sudanese and Somali communities and to youth group (to include guided visit to open day)

          •        Email update to regeneration database

          •        @LambethRegen tweet

          •        LBL website news story

          •        LBL press release to local and regional media and local online forums, blogs, etc.

          •        Invitation to all ward councillors (Stockwell, Bishop’s, Oval and Prince’s wards)

          •        Enews+ contribution

          •        Potential ward member briefing

 Context and timeline

·         March 2012 – feedback collected on cards and via website that will help shape the revised draft SPD

·         March and April 2012 ongoing community engagement work (full engagement strategy being written)

·         Draft SPD to cabinet, May 2012

·         June – September 2012 statutory consultation on draft SPD (full engagement strategy being written)

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