Planning Brief – 30-60 South Lambeth Rd

Only three days left to object 30-60 South Lambeth Road!

Consultation period for 32 storey student tower ends 18 January!

The planning application for 30-60 South Lambeth Road was submitted in late November.
“Redevelopment of the existing site to provide a 32 storey mixed-use building comprising new leisure uses (swimming pool & gymnasium) and 572 units for student residential accommodation.

Provision of refuse and cycle storage, disabled parking and associated landscaping.

Local concern about this development: height (97 m) and density opposite Vauxhall Park and Park Mansion( five times higher than Park mansions); the large number of additional students in Vauxhall. There are already 92 student rooms planned in Langley lane, and most of the other proposed developments also include large student contingents. Students are by nature transient and don’t tend to become part of the fabric of the local community.

Vauxhall is set to become London’s largest campus! There are also concerns about overshadowing of Vauxhall Park and architectural winds that will be created by the new tower and bear down on the park and residential areas.

The architectural drafts created by the growing St George Tower is altready quite noticeable.

If you don’t agree with the proposed tower in spite of gym & pool accessible to the public sweetener the entry fees & conditions of use are as yer not unknown and they can be withdrawn at a later stage).

Info here:

REF NO: 11/04181/FUL

Make your point at: 

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