Crime Update from From Cllr Jane Edbrooke

Cllr Jane Edbrooke has sent this latest update from Oval SNT:

Re: Bonnington Square we are mounting regular hi-vis patrols and have our plain clothes proactive ‘task force’ department/unit deployed to the area on a regular basis, we patrol the area on a daily basis but many of the recent events have occurred there during 0100hrs – 0300hrs in the morning, with the exception of the incident reported today in the Evening Standard. However in re-iteration of my last email a few weeks ago there is very little in the way of crime in the area, with something like 6/12 crime reports within a three month period which in London is a low figure.

Please remember you can report any anti-social behaviour to the Council’s hotline on: Telephone: 020 7926 4000

The Oval Safer Neighbourhood team is on: 020 8721 2761

And if an emergency always call 999.

I have contacted the Chair of the SNT panel to see if we can get a Neighbourhood panel set up soon so residents across Oval can review the crime stats across Oval and ensure our ward priorities still reflect the current situation in Oval. As ever this would be open to all residents to input into.

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