A Message from the Police

Dear Resident
I am the Inspector for the Kennington Cluster which the area in and around Bonnington Square is part of.

I am aware of the current rise in robberies around Bonnington Square, and I would like to reassure you the Police are taking this rise very seriously and we are working closely with our partners at the local authority to tackle this.

The local Safer Neighbourhood team regularly patrol Bonnington Square and the surrounding roads when they are on shift and are in regular contact with the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. They have visited the recent victim and a property which may have CCTV to gain extra information on suspect description.

I have also asked for additional resources for the area and the Task Force has agreed to carry out some plain clothes operations. Stockwell and Brixton are also experiencing high robbery figures so the resource may not be sustainable unfortunately.

Two young people were arrested for the robberies before Christmas but have not been charged due to lack of evidence. A name has been put forward for the robbery on the 3rd January where a firearm was intimated and the Robbery Squad are investigating this further.

The Borough has access to a mobile CCTV vehicle which is being deployed around Bonnington Square and Langley Lane at weekends to deter criminal activity and reassure the community.

The SNT will be patrolling around the area this evening, please feel free to stop and speak to them if you have any concerns or questions. I hope this goes some way to reassuring you and if you have any further concerns please feed them back through Marie, your Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator.

Kind regards
Mark Hedgecox
Kennington Cluster Inspector

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