VV Committee Meeting Minutes: 14 August 2011


Committee Meeting Minutes: 14 August 2011

Present: Margaret Norris, Marie Johnson, John Mullineaux, Andrea Hofling, Jane Vuglar

Apologies: James Fraser

Correction to previous minutes NB; the point of minutes is to provide a summary, rather than a verbatim account of the meeting.

Matters Arising 1) Margaret to compose an e-mail regarding lack of facilities for over 50’s and retired people in Lambeth to be sent to our MP and councillors.

2) Margaret brought in bank details re adding cheque signatories.

3) The request from a resident of Meadow Road to join our Neighbourhood Watch scheme was followed up by Marie, and it was agreed that we would exchange information and ideas via e-mail, but not join together, as that would make the resulting Neighbourhood Watch area too large. Marie put them in touch with Karen Hunn (Lambeth Safer Neighbourhood Team).

Secretary’s report  numerous e-mails from Danny have been received; an invite to address the September Committee meeting was sent to him.

Main agenda points

1) Communication with other local groups

1.1) Following our invitation Karen Dudley from Bonnington Centre (BC) addressed the August Viva Vauxhall (VV) Committee meeting. We made the Bonnington Centre the first point on the agenda, and she left afterwards.

Karen joined BC’s Management Committee only recently, but is a longstanding member of the community who is keen to establish links with VV and other local groups.

BC currently are conducting a pilot project to facilitate room bookings via google groups, which will  be extended if successful. No room charge for VV committee meetings.

BS are interested in grant and fundraising opportunities, as the roof repairs will eat up most of their funds.

We will be looking into a joint party/fundraising event in the near future and try and pass on any information we may have about grant opportunities.

Andrea offered to send information to publish a call for ideas re funding on the VV website (Karen to write a piece on BC’s funding needs).

Could BC do more for the community? Karen pointed out that currently BC was putting most of their efforts into maintaining the building (some of the work is being carried out at present).

Karen said that they had never turned away any community group’s request for rooms, so there is unimpeded access. However, more could be done to publicise BC as a community resource e.g. via the VV website.

BC would like to reach out and invite the community to contribute ideas e.g. about fundraising and widening the community uses for the Centre. An open meeting might be a way to achieve that.

VV to send a regular rep to BC meetings.

1.2) Marie is continuing to compile a list of contact name of housing providers in the community and it was discussed to have a rep from each one, as well as BC and the garden groups.

2) Danny’s e-mails  

The meeting felt that Danny had not given up ownership of VV – he seems to be trying to micro-manage the VV committee. The committee expressed dismay at the bullying stance and pedantic nature of his extensive e-mails. It was felt that setting up a VV watch list has not made his campaign a community issue, and that his actions and message were not conciliatory.

Action to resolve the situation: The committee unanimously supported calling a general meeting (GM) and invite other local groups to this meeting, so they can tell us how they would like to work with VV. A GM would also provide an opportunity to encourage new people to get involved with VV.

The committee was unanimous that a GM should be held late October. This should be a positive meeting giving everyone the opportunity to air their views and concerns, and to provide a re-affirmation of VV’s approach/remit.

Regarding Danny’s request to address the VV committee meeting in Septermber; as we’re probably not going to have a formal meeting before the GM, we will refer him to the GM planned for late October.

Jane is to liaise with St Anne’s Settlement Hall to get us a better deal for hiring the hall.

We would specifically invite BC and the two garden groups to make representations. We would also invite local rsidents or organisations to make representations. It should provide a good opportunity to engage with the community and to recruit new people.

3) Crime and anti-social behavior

Marie e-mailed up-dates about the recent unrest for publication on the VV website.

She maintains good relations with the Safer Neighbourhood Team. Since the Harleyford Garden garden closures due to drug use, drug use in Harleyford and Bonningtron Gardens has been reduced. Marie conducts regular checks of the gardens with representatives of the following agencies: Transport Police, Safer Neighbourhood Team and Neighbourhood Watch (Karen Hunn).

In addition Marie and Jane also do informal patrols of the gardens on their own.The approach is to monitor crime in the area and keep all three agencies up-dated on a regular basis.

It was noted that the Fire Warden is still patrolling Vauxhall Grove on clubnights.

The meeting thanked Marie for her efforts.

4) VNEB 

4.1) Proposed CLS Glasshouse Walk develpoment.

Andrea went to the public exhibition in July, 400 student bedsits (£160/w) and 120 hotel beds.Some studio space for crafts use, offices and a small grocery store. The Community Centre will be rehoused on the site, existing buildings to be demolished, except the old industrial building next to the viaduct. The height of the taller buildings would be about 7 storeys, those facing the park would be lower.

The attendants said they were trying to preserve a sense of locale and community by blending in with the existing architecture and encouraging small individual out-lets, rather than the corporate retail facilities proposed at the ‘heart’ of Vauxhall.

4.2) Andrea has set up a petition to oppose the Kylun Tower development.


4.3) Redesign of the gyratory – Andrea to ask Colin McCall to present options to the GM in October.

Next meeting date: general meeting in late October (date tbc).

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