VV committee meeting 24 November

Viva Vauxhall (VV) committee meeting 24 November


Present: Jane Vuglar, Brian Vos, Marie Johnson, Colin McCall, John Mullineaux, Andrea Hofling, James Fraser

Apologies: Margaret Norris, Logan

Corrections to previous minutes:

Matters arising: 

Secretary’s report: The secretary hasn’t been contactable due to the website being down. Temporary VV secretary’s contact: vauxhalltowers@hotmail.co.uk

Treasurer’s report: 

1) General Meeting  

1.1) The VV website 

The website is up and running (www.vivavauxhall.com), but several categories still have to be sorted, such as secretary’s contact details, posts on the committee, ‘about us’ and some useful contacts, meeting minutes.

3) Crime/anti-social behaviour and local safety issues

– Marie is local snow warden and organising extra helpers. John, Jimmy

and Colin volunteered; Brian is already running a scheme for Park

Mansions. Further volunteers welcome.

– Marie has made links with the Club Fire Social Responsibility Offficer

through Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT).

http://www.fixmystreet.com to report, view, or discuss local problems like

graffiti, fly tipping, broken paving slabs, or street lighting.

– Burglary in Bonnington Square (BS); burglar opened front door Yale lock

and then entered flats.

– BS resident pushed down tube stairs at 5pm.

– Attack on people outside Italo Deli at 4.30pm.

– Bins in Harleyford Gardens filled with clothing 22 & 23 November

(removed by Marie and Hannah Wadey (NW))

– Marie and Hannah Wadey of Neighbourhood Watch (NW) met on

23 November about the ‘reclaim the streets’ vigil that took place on 24

November. Hannah organised  flyers and CCTV van for the event.

– Marie to attend SNT/NW 6 December

4) Communication with other local groups

The Bonnington Centre is holding a charity bric-a-brac sale on 10 December 10.30 am to 2pm. There’ll be a Christmas card sale. Donation of suitable goods for the sale would be very welcome.

5) VNEB  

5.1) Kylun Towers inquiry

The public inquiry date has been set for 6 March, duration two weeks.

5.2) 30-60 South Lambeth Road.

After the GM’s decision to oppose the scheme VV will make submissions and representations to that effect.

5.3) proposed CLS Vauxhall Square, Sainsbury’s, Market Towers & New Covent Garden developments, The increasing height of the proposed cluster (up to 202 m) gave rise to concern.

5.4) Vauxhall gyratory options

It looks like the preferred option is a ‘do minimum’ option which envisages some pedestrian and cycling improvments such as a new crossing from the island site to St George Wharf’s Tesco’s across Wandswoth Road, but leaving the gyratory (and current traffic volumes) mostly intact.

The committee agreed that Viva Vauxhall should seek to oppose the proposed cluster of tall buildings unless the Vauxhall gyratory was made a substantially safer, less hostile and less polluted environment as well. (Pollution on Vauxhall Cross is exceeding EU permitted levels with diesel particulates the biggest problem.)

Proposal for next GM: “We are prepared to support development in Vauxall once the gyratory is calmed and made safe.”

5.5) VNEB Expo.

Colin reported back from visiting the expo that afternoon. He said his impression was that Lambeth was maintaining it’s all happening, while TFL was saying “well, not really”. The expo seemed fractured and Vauxhall wasn’t really represented (the proposed Vauxhall cluster of tall buildlings was omitted from the huge centre piece model of the VNEB).

6.1) Plan to Pedestrianise the road between the Bonnington Centre to Vine Lodge

Would involve raising the road surface between Bonnington Centre, Italo Deli and Bonnington Garden to achieve pedestrain priority over cars rather than the other way round, but without banning cars or removing parking spaces. There are plenty of examples for this in the Netherlands, but also UK. Jimmy to prepare presentation for next GM.


Free energy efficiency check for the elderly

Margaret sent email about Lambeth (Age UK and funding from energy company EON Age Concern ) offering older people a free energy efficiency check on their home. Free fitting service for free carbonoxide service alarms. grab rails, door and window locks and smoke alarms the home energy during one visit. Handyperson Service contact 020 7733 0528 and speak to Sue Taylor or visit http://www.ageuk lambeth.org.uk

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