VIVA VAUXHALL Committee Meeting Minutes: 7th July 2011

VIVA VAUXHALL   Committee Meeting Minutes: 7th July 2011

Present: Margaret Norris, Marie Johnson, John Mullineaux, Andrea Hofling, Jane Vuglar

Apologies: None Matters Arising Finance update: treasurer has contacted our bank re new signatories Secretary’s report

The meeting discussed a request from a member of Viva Vauxhall to attend committee meetings as a passive observer. It was concluded that members were welcome to attend to make a positive contribution and to work alongside the committee to address a particular issue.

1) Crime and anti-social behaviour

1.1) Marie reported back on her recent work with the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) and her role in mentioning Harleyford Road Community Garden as a safe communal space.

1.2) There has been an approach by a concerned resident in Meadow Rd with regard to the possibility of linking in with the Vauxhall Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Marie is to follow this up.

2) Communication with other local groups     Following on from the previous VV meeting, Andrea has been in touch with Bonnington Centre and Bonnington pleasure Garden with a view to arranging a social fundraising event. Bonnington Pleasure Garden expressed a preference for a boules tournoi: we are waiting for them to come back with a suggestion for a date for this.

3) Constitution Bernard O’Sullivan has agreed to advise us on possible amendments to the current constitution.

4) VNEB 4.1) Andrea proposed that VV set up a petition to oppose the Kylun Tower development. This was agreed unanimously by the meeting.

4.2) CLS sent an invitation to attend a preview to a public exhibition on 13 July about their planned development.  Andrea to attend.

4.3) Redesign of the gyratory – see item on VV website  ‘Potential Options for the Gyratory System’. Andrea to ask Colin McCall to present options to the committee at the next meeting.

5) Localism Bill – what does it mean for us? The Localism Bill is supposed to give more planning power to local communities. In order for this to happen Neighbourhood Forums will have to be set up, who then draw up a Neighbourhood Plan with the assistance of the Council. The Localism Bill is set to be passed by parliament in September. Any other business

1) Margaret raised the issue of lack of facilities for an increasing ageing population in this part of the borough; Lambeth has the highest number of over-50s in London. The meeting suggested investigating local needs in this area.

2) Jane proposed forging closer links with St Anne’s Settlement. Next Meeting date: September, exact date to be agreed.

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