Tall tower up-date


– plan to apply for planning permission to Lambeth end 2011.

– 600 residential units – 15 % affordable. 416 students, a 413 room hotel and a homeless hostel. Two towers of 160 m.

– buildings around public square size of Paternoster Square with movable trees, lawn and benches, & community play area.

– public walkway linking linear park to Vauxhall Park – sky walk seems to have been shelved

– Restaurant, cafe, retail

– 6 screen cinema


– planning application submitted to Lambeth in July. (Pink notifications first seen in September.)

– 750 residential units (1-4 bedrooms) – still discussing affordable % with Lambeth and GLA.

671 residential units with ancillary gymnasium (369msq) arranged in seven blocks including towers of 19, 28 and 37 storeys

– new public space and pedestrian connection to New Covent Garden Market.

– much vaunted new green open space on roof of new Sainbury’s store;   their website is misleading in that it wrongly gives the impression that the general public will be able to use it

– proposed new station for the NLE – no final decision yet.


– Planning application submitted to Wandsworth.

– modern new market facilities & food centre

– 6 blocks of 11 to 17 storeys &  3 blocks of 30 – 47 storeys the tallest includes hotel.

– 2,450 residential units, 1,600 of which will be around a new park, the rest will be dotted around the edges of the whole market area arranged in 3 – 4 blocks and rising up  to 17 storeys

– shops, commercial space, hotel and new supermarket

– public open space on parts not needed for the new market.

– final two bidders to become Private Development Partner to be informed in 2012 following assessment and government approval.


– 32 storeys, 580 students

– 2 m x 9m swimming pool at ground level and visible from South Lambeth Road.


– planning permission due to be applied for to Wandsworth by the end of the November (according to property week to get it in before New Covent Garden ‘because the area is becoming saturated with residential plans’.

– demolition of Market Towers

– erection of two towers, the higher one 202 m

– 15 % affordable

– swimming pool and gym; private residents only, Playground on hotel roof – a much lower building taking the development down to a ‘human scale’.

– publicly accessible art centre on top of of the taller tower.

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