Robbery Friday night

This was sent to us by a local resident:

“On Friday night at about 12.20am a man and a lady on their way home were robbed/held up with a gun by a white male and black male at the corner of Langley Lane and Bonnigton Square.

Now it is not known if the gun was real but who wants to find that out?
Because the area on the corner is dark they were not able to give a full description of the two men. They also did not notice them there as they approached.
Thought i would let you all know in case you did not.

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2 Responses to Robbery Friday night

  1. Draeyk says:

    first; congrats on site! Well done:) second; my neighbors upstairs are friends of this couple and they said it could have been a hand under a jumper. Can we clarify this at all I wonder? I just worry about reports of guns… It’s quite a step up from other muggings.

  2. AG says:

    I think the reputation of the area has already been tarnished by the succession of attacks around that particular spot. A mugging by any method is unpalatable. Do the police have anything to say about this? Have simple measures such as improving the street lighting been considered?

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