Minutes of Viva Vauxhall committee meeting 3 June 2011

Minutes of Viva Vauxhall committee meeting 3 June 2011

Present: Jane, John, Andrea

Apologies: Jimmy. Marie

Andrea was proposed to be secretary at the last AGM in her absence. (Jane proposed, John seconded). Andrea accepted.

The secretary is to be a conduit of information and the first port of call for all exernal communications which will be forwarded to the committee. The secretary will be responsible for the flow of information from outside and within the group.

The committee formally ask Andrea to contact the previous secretary Val regarding a handover and Ben to change the web details.

The chair (Jane) is to take responsibility for chairing AGMs and GMs.

The running of the group is to be open, fair and efficient, and the chair is to reflect this.

Minutes of AGMs, GMs and committee meetings will be published on the VV website.

Interested parties are welcome to attend and address committee meetings by arrangement or invitation. The committee can also co-opt any member onto the committee. Permanent membership of the committee subject to ratification at a GM/AGM.

Committee meeetings will be held on a regular basis (monthly, excl. August) or by arrangement.

Mission statement

The group is to be open, foster strong links with local community groups and outside agencies such as Lambeth Council.

The group is to interact and engage with local authorities and community groups regarding the challenges set by new developments in the area.

The group is to be responsive to the VV membership and seek their mandate on local issues as often as is practical e.g. if new big developments come up, we will call a meeting.

The committee is willing to work with all local people and groups (but not for them) in a facilitating capacity, and to the best of their ability.


The new committee has managed to get free access to the Bonnington Centre and expects to get a better deal for hiring the St Anne’s hall in the future. We will seek funding from Vine and consider other ways of fund-raising. Any business donations above £ 100 will be taken to a GM for approval.

The second signatory for VV cheques is to be the secretary. It would be a good idea to add a third signatory, in case one of the other two is away.

Safer Neighbourhood

The committee will endeavour to liaise with safer neighbourhood groups e.g. Neighbourhood Watch and the police to foster a safer environment.

We hope that Marie will be happy to continue working on this.

Ongoing business:

Kylun Twin Towers

Representation on:

the board of the Kennington Oval and Vauxhall (KOV) Forum

VNEB Community Engagement groups

Kennington Association Planning Forum (KAPF)

The group will create and foster links with, and give support to local community groups such as:

Harleyford Road Community Garden

Bonnington Pleasure Garden

Bonnington Centre

St Anne’s Settlement

Vauxhall Park

The Committee mandates the secretary to contact, convey our wish to be involved with them, and offer our support to these groups.

The committee expressed great support for the idea of a fund rasing event to help the Bonnington Garden.

We will thank Vine for their support and tell them that the new committee is willing to lisaise with them closely.

Next committee meerting: Friday 1 July.

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