Non-toxic weed treatment to be trialled here Friday 18 May

We are very fortunate.  Lambeth Council have kindly continued their support of our community weeding initiatives and agreed to our request to look at an alternative solution to Glyphosate.  Following a visit in November by Weeding Tech to our neighbourhood to discuss with community members involved in weeding the streets, meetings and conversations have taken place between Weeding Tech and Lambeth Council and an agreement to trial the product Foamstream on our streets has come to fruition.

Treatment will commence this Friday 18th May at 10am.  Please come and see Fomstream technology at work!

Please also let your friends and neighbours know about this non-toxic treatment of weeds being trialled locally right here in our streets! Continue reading

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Looking at our library’s future

Join Friends of Tate South Lambeth library for their AGM on 22 May, 6.30 pm

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Free Vauxhall Gardens guided history walk, 21 May 2018

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Zaha Hadid Architects’ Patrick Schumacher’s vision for the future

This is the man heading the company that proposes to give Vauxhall a ‘new heart’, replacing the bus station with two massive glass towers.

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Glass towers are not environmentally sound

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 UK- 23,000 air pollution deaths annually

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Dubai on Thames 2016 – 2018

St George Wharf Tower is more like a hotel …

“There are not many families here,” the employee said. “You won’t find many children between the ages of five and 20. There are students in their 20s, many from Asia.”

The block also has its own seasons. In summer, it fills up more with the arrival of Middle Eastern residents getting away from the desert heat in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia, while at Christmas it empties.

London luxury property values are declining, but Saudi enthusiasm for London remains undimmed

“Saudi buyers tend to value confidentiality and favour trophy properties. In the current market, few of those are marketed publicly. Around a third of the properties we bought for clients last year were sold off-market.”

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